Rabu, 04 April 2012

Prepare for IELTS: Academic Practice Test

PREPARE FOR IELTS: ACADEMIC PRACTICE TESTS Academic practice tests will help you prepare for the academic module of the IELTS test by identifying problem areas and familiarizing you whit the test format. Containing five practice tests, and written by IELST experts, the book includes full transcripts and answer key and has been extensively tested in IELTS preparation classes.  INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH AND VOICES FROM AUSTRALIA, NORTH AMERICA AND THE UNITED KINGDOM  SAMPLE QUESTION TYPES AND ANSWERS  INFORMATION AND STRATEGIES FOR EACH SECTION OF THE TEST  FULL ANSWER KEY AND AUDIO TRANSCRIPTS  BONUS READING MATERIAL AND TASKS  BONUS SPEKING INTERVIEWS ON CD  UPDATE TO INCLUDE THE NEW WRITING RUBRICS INTRODUCED IN JANUARY 2006

link : http://library.imtelkom.ac.id/pustaka/14458/prepare-for-ielts-academic-practice-test.html

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